DEVELOP Monash Gallery of Art

Very pleased to be included in Monash Gallery of Art’s upcoming survey of emerging photographic artists, “Develop”.

25 May 2019 to 14 July 2019

Full details here:

In its inaugural year, Develop showcases a small selection from the vast pool of talent that emerged from Melbourne’s tertiary graduate exhibitions of photography in 2018. With artists drawn from six universities and across many styles and genres, this is a celebration of the next generation of Australian photographers.

APORIA Exhibition Opening

Trocadero Art Space
Level 1, 119 Hopkins Street, Footscray, VIC 3011
Opening night: Wednesday, April 3, 6 PM
Exhibition runs: April 3 - 20 (Wednesday to Saturday, 12 - 5 PM)

Artist statement

Aporia: a point of undecidability, which dismantles or deconstructs itself as it seeks to be established.

Concerned with notions of identity and place, "Aporia" explores a complicated constellation of gender, class and race across the Australian landscape, both geological and social. Oscillating between the twin poles of intimacy and distance, the series interrogates the tension at the heart of this ancient land yet still-young nation's identity crisis. Plagued by its colonial legacy, the spectre of this poisonous past haunts present day debates from immigration through to notions of nationhood. Deploying a poetic logic, the work relies on relations between charged fragments, as intricately interwoven as the politics of difference under investigation. The resulting series offers a lyrical narrative reflecting on a febrile mix of histories and ideologies, presenting the aporetic in all its complexity.